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For summiters and climbers
Managers and people with responsibility who want to get ahead and make a difference

Invest in your development!

To succeed in transformative times of change, we must all invest in our own development. Change is the new constant, learning is never finished. For those who see it that way and want to move forward and make a difference, Peakly is for you!
Peakly, the peakly hummingbird, lat. Trochilidaeus Leadershipii.

Peakly, the peak hummingbird never ceases to amaze as it can do things for you in the simplest of ways that you wouldn't think possible ;)

Peakly has reinvented Learning & Development!

Peakly connects all learning formats. Whether face-to-face, online or self-learning, whether individual coaching or group workshops: You can combine freely. With Peakly, learning and development is easier and smarter than ever before. That's a promise.


Face-to-face events provide you with a personal learning experience with intensive exchange in the group. The focus is on practical learning for your everyday professional life. The Peakly coaches themselves come from the real world and are not "aloof lecturers", but your partners at eye level.


With an online live event you have the maximum independence of location and at the same time interactive learning in a group. Is online as good as presence? You have to have that claim! We have accepted the great challenge and are pleased that we are now setting standards with our solution.

Guided Self-Learning

Our self-learning units "MiniPeaks" are an inspiring learning experience and ensure optimal practical transfer. In everyday life, attention is often no longer on what was learned in the workshop, but on the current "fires" that need to be put out. This is where the "MiniPeaks" come in!

For managers and people in responsibility

At Peakly you will find all relevant topics on leadership, new work and personal development. You can combine all content freely and put together your own personal program. This is what self-determined learning looks like!



New as a manager? Organize the work perfectly? Appear sovereign? Developing your own team into a top team? Convincing as an executive? Negotiate? You will find these and other topics under "Leadership"!
New Work

New Work

How do I lead my hybrid teams remotely? Learn agile methods like Design Thinking, OKR or Scrum? How can I develop digital leadership as a company and as a manager? You will find these and many more topics under "New Work"!
Personal Development

Personal Development

Deal with stress and develop resilience? Be mentally fit? Pitch and present projects with courage? Advance professionally? Solve inner blockades? Position yourself? You will find these topics under "Personal Development"!

Your Learning Expert

What do you really need?
How can the leaders in your company be developed even better? What will really help you personally? What content and formats might fit: On-site presence, live online, guided self-learning, or combined? Individual coaching, workshops or group training?

I support you and your company personally!
Whether you're an HR professional looking for a program for your company, or you're a private individual looking to develop your skills, as your personal learning expert, I'll take the time to help you with content and organization.

Let's talk together!

Peakly Coaches in action

Peakly coaches know what they are talking about. They all have a long-standing business background, are didactically skilled and are among the top experts in their field. They see themselves as your appreciative partners at eye level.

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For you or your company?

Whether individual coaching, in-house workshops or public seminars: At Peakly you will find everything about leadership, new work and personal development. The best thing about it: You can freely combine all content and formats so that it suits you!

In-house programs

In-house programs

Tailor made for companies
Open Academy

Open Academy

Certified advanced training
Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Personal development

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Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
What can Peakly do for you?
I would be happy to discuss with you all the possibilities you have at Peakly. I look forward to a personal exchange!


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