General terms & conditions

Scope of Application

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to every offer made by Peakly GmbH, Sonnenbergstrasse 3, 3013 Bern (hereinafter Peakly).

The GTC apply to all coaching, training and consulting services as well as to all events, training and further education (hereinafter "Course") of Peakly GmbH. It is irrelevant whether the Course takes place online or physically, i.e. on-site in the respective premises.

Registration and Payment

Registrations for events are made online or in writing by mail. The registration obligates to the payment of the course fee. The entire participation fee is to be transferred within 30 days of the invoice date, but no later than 5 days before the start of the course. Payment in installments will not be accepted without other agreement. The course fee must be paid in full. 


For organizational reasons, we reserve the right to postpone or combine courses or to change the location. In case of cancellation of a course, Peakly is entitled to change the course instructor.

Realization of the courses

In order to conduct the courses under ideal conditions, a minimum and a maximum number of participants is determined for each course. Course places are allocated in the order in which registrations are received (subject to timely and full payment of course fees).

Course confirmation

We will gladly issue a course confirmation. The condition is that your course must have taken place no longer than one year ago. We expressly reserve the right to deviate from these regulations in the case of certificate and diploma courses.


Every registration is binding. Cancellations must be sent in writing to Peakly GmbH, Sonnenbergstrasse 3, 3013 Bern. 

Since course cancellations always involve some planning and administrative effort, the following regulations apply:

  • Cancellation date: Up to 30 days before the start of the course: 10%. From 29 to 10 calendar days before the start of the course: 50% of the course fees.
  • Cancellation date: From 9 calendar days before the start of the course. No waiver or refund of course fees. I.e. the full course fee must be paid.
Classes not attended cannot be made up without other agreement and will not be refunded.

Termination of Contract

Peakly reserves the right to exclude one or more course participants from a course for good cause: Course exclusion due to non-payment of the course fee as well as in case of serious misconduct on the part of the course participant (e.g. defamation, harassment, intentional damage to property, etc.). In the event of exclusion from the course due to the aforementioned cases (the list is not exhaustive), there will be no refund or waiver of the course fee.

Disclaimer Liability and Insurance

Any liability for any damage incurred on the occasion of events organized by Peakly GmbH is excluded.
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
Questions? Go ahead, let's talk together!
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